Meet Victoria

System & Processing Strategist

Do you want to know more?

My name is Victoria (Vicky).  I am originally from the UK I moved to Australia in 2006 with my husband and two children and we live on the Gold Coast.
I've told you what I do but how did I come to do this?
I've worked for a range of companies from Start Up's to a company as large as BMW and always in very system centric roles either solely or in charge of teams.
I think my passion for efficient, streamlined and organised systems came through the many years I worked at BMW.  Their customised systems were simply amazing to use, and everyone could do their role with efficiency and ease.  Through the introduction of ISO 9000, I was tasked with writing the procedure documents for roles within the administration department.  Procedure documents allowed us to be able to utilise the team to the fullest.  Not only did it make each staff member more efficient in their duties, but staff could also switch roles and use the procedure document to do the new role without the need for assistance or training.  If we got busier in one area than another, we would simply move staff into that area.
Let’s face it, not many people have the budget or manpower that BMW does, but with the technology that is available today, even small businesses can run with the same streamlined purposeful efficiency and precision!
It is my mission to help as many business owners as possible to take back control of their businesses through making the internal ‘stuff’ as easy as possible. 
Through streamlined workflows, affordable systems and automation, not only will you save valuable time, you will also be increasing your capacity for growth.
Time is a precious resource so let’s use it wisely!